I approach design holistically, drawing from broad areas of influence to deliver a fresh, thoughtful experience. I continually seek out new sights, tastes, sounds, and vibes by living in new places, from Utah to Ohio to London. I make a point to use my interests in psychology, fashion design, art, marketing, and fabrication to make work that resonates with people on an emotional level. I believe in endless curiosity and learning.

Currently, I am 4th year graphic design student with a minor in psychology at the University of Cincinnati DAAP. This semester I am studying design in London at Central Saint Martins, where I am channeling the amazing, vibrant creative culture into my work.

If I'm not in studio, I am going on all-day hikes, reading, buying too many plants, popping into any ceramic shop I can find, collaborating with my talented friends, and learning about weird brain things.

Here's a running tally of cool things I've seen around Europe lately.



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Since I'm currently located in London, I am available via phone, Skype, and FaceTime audio/video upon request.